Digital Marketing

A couple of years ago all you had to do was buy some ads on the newspaper, radio or TV to boost your sales. These tools don’t work anymore: marketing has become a complex task – and people are over saturated with meaningless ads.

So how do you attract new customers? With rich content, and super creative marketing campaigns.

That’s exactly what we do at Smuzi. We create marketing campaigns that attract and delight your customers.

Complete Digital Marketing services to promote your business online

Our monthly packages include:

  • Google and Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook and Social Network Management
  • Blog Management
  • Content Creation and Online Promotions

Webdesign and User Experience Design

We design modern websites, blogs and online stores – with every feature you ever wanted:

  • Search Optimized: Websites optimized for Google and other search engines, increasing the number of visitors.
  • Mobile Friendly: You can access our websites on your phone, tablet or any other device.
  • Easy to Update: You can create or update pages, change the menu and add content at anytime.
  • Social: Complete integration with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social networks.

Graphic Design

Design can be the difference between a boring marketing campaign and something people will notice and remember. Good design highlights your company in a crowded market.

Smuzi is a design studio specialized in creating authentic images and products. Our services include both print and digital design:

  • Branding: logo design
  • Stationery (business cards, folders, etc)
  • Banners and ads
  • Social media and blog images
  • Illustrations and infographics


Animations are a dynamic and rich tool to promote your product, brand or service.

Short videos can explain your product really fast – without boring information. They delight your viewer with infographics, characters, visual effects and a catchy soundtrack.

Promote your business with an incredible animation.

  • Explainer videos
  • Marketing animations
  • Startup videos
  • Video lessons