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Why Video is one the Best Marketing Tools


This is a yoyo. The image is nice, but it doesn’t say much about the product. Now check this video.

Maybe that got you interested and thinking “I didn’t know people could do that” or “Man, I gotta buy one of these!”. No wonder Facebook and Google have been praising videos so much.

Video is often ignored when it comes to digital marketing because it’s more expensive and complex to produce than images.
But as the example above showed you, it is definitely worth it to invest in videos.

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Videos can transmit a strong message within seconds. A luxury brand can explain how much value they add to their products. An organization may produce a touching video to defend animal causes. And any small business can make an explainer video to promote their products.


Videos are Attractive

Animated images seem to capture your attention all the time – even on Facebook timelines.
A fraction of a second is enough to attract your eyes to the video. And that’s extremely useful when trying to promote something.


They are Not that Expensive Anymore

A couple of years ago you would spend a fortune to get aerial videos of your company. Now there are dozens of companies with drones doing that service. There are studios specialized in every possible field: animations, music videos, products showcases, interviews, underwater videos, events, and so on.

And if you don’t have a budget, you can record something with your phone and edit it for free. As long as the content is interesting, someone will watch your videos.


Mário is our creative director.