How To Promote Your Brand In Blogs

How to Promote your Brand in Blogs

Blogs have a casual way of sharing news and opinions – and are a fantastic marketing tool. Check 4 great tips to promote your product or service in blogs.

Pick the Right Blogs

Answer this: what blogs are visited by your consumers?

Successful blogs have one thing in common: focus. They provide content for a very specific niche.  The first step is to know what blogs are right for you.

Usually blogs have an “Advertise with us” page with information about their audience, traffic and demographics. You can also request this information to make sure you are investing in the right place.



The fastest and easiest way to promote your product is advertising. It’s quite simple: you can negotiate directly with blog owners, or buy ad spaces with agencies.

The advantages of this tool are that it is simple and provides a good range of options. Blogs usually offer several ads for small to large budgets, and you can advertise for as long as you want.


Promotions and Special Campaigns

Giveaways, promotions and interactive marketing campaigns are great ways to promote your product in blogs.

Sometimes all you have to do is pay the blog to publish your campaign. But interactive campaigns can require a call for action (like subscribe, share, send a message or something).

If your marketing campaigns are authentic and interesting, blogs will help you spread the word and attract a good number of consumers in a short period of time.


Product Reviews

Sending your product to be reviewed means dealing with calculated risks.

A good blog will provide a detailed and imparcial review, exploring details that might have meant nothing to you. In case of a good review, you will get the best publicity you can have. But if your product gets a bad review, do not overreact. The blog has actually given you super important information about how to improve your product.

Some companies are afraid of reviews, but they are actually fantastic tools for product development. It’s much better to have your product criticized by a blog you trust, than seeing it flop later without knowing why.


Mário is our creative director.