3 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

3 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

Ads are just one of the many tools for monetizing your blog. Here are 3 effective ways to make money with your blog.

Sponsored Posts

As long as you clearly indicate that a post is sponsored by a brand, it is perfectly OK to generate revenue with it. You can write regular sponsored posts just to promote products, or collaborate with the brand with more interactive campaigns.

As an example, a company can pay you to post something like “How would you change this product?”, “Where do you get your supplies from?”, “What tools do you use the most?”, and so on. These questions offer valuable feedback for the brands, and your visitors will not feel like you are being paid to sit around and promote a product.

Below is an example of a sponsored post from Fubiz.

Example Spondored Post

Commissions and Affiliation Programs

Events such as music festivals and trade shows often negotiate commissions with blogs to help them sell tickets. All you have to do is post some ads on your blog and keep track of clicks.

The same works for affiliation programs from retailers or service providers. If you get enough clicks, you might make a reasonable profit with these links.

Here is an example from Bless This Stuff, a blog about cool products. When you click the link, you are redirected to an affiliation link from Amazon.

Affiliation Example

Paid Content

Not everything needs to be free on your blog. It’s getting more and more common for bloggers to offer premium articles and downloads to visitors.

You can create a premium area on your blog with monthly subscriptions, or simply sell individual items like an online store. It is very important that this content is exclusive to your blog, and super interesting to visitors. As examples, there are many design blogs that offer tools and tutorials for subscribers.

Here is a screenshot from Vandelay Design blog.

Example Monetizing Blog


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