3 New Rules Of Digital Marketing

3 New Rules of Digital Marketing

Overwhelm your customers

I just checked my bookmarks: I follow around 80 blogs and news sites. And that doesn’t include apps like Pulse or Paper, which aggregate another list of sites.

On top of this list are my 5 – 10 favorite blogs, which feature amazing articles and mind blowing art and design works. How do you manage to promote a brand in the middle of this torrential flow of awesome content?

As Jay Z puts it, “Don’t be good my nigga, be great”. Overwhelm your customers with rich, interesting and even more awesome content.

A good example is this video teaching people how to knock of bags, released by a leather company. It went viral because something like this is completely unexpected.

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Forget your pride and learn from your mistakes

The market reacts fast when you make a mistake, leaving you 2 options. You can complain that your customers are wrong or listen to them and learn from your mistakes.

When iPhone 4 came up, there was a huge debate on dropping calls. To make things worse, Apple said people were not holding their phones the right way.  They had to retract that later, accept the problem and offer a practical solution.

When Apple released Maps for iOS the app was so full of bugs it was considered one of the top 10 Technology Fails of 2012. But this time, Apple apologized for the problem and even offered alternatives to their customers.

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Live in the future

Trend hunting is very important for Digital Marketing. You need to think months ahead of your time and stay connected to everything: social media, news, blogs, events and trending topics. If you want to release a product in 6 months, you need to have a good idea what’s going to happen in that period.

And even if your product is local, it’s a good idea to immerse yourself in culture from all over the world. Sometimes a thing that is trending in Japan becomes huge in your city in a couple of weeks.


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