2 Marketing Campaigns That Still Work On Facebook Copy

2 Marketing Campaigns that Still Work on Facebook

Facebook is constantly changing its policies to limit your reach (and force you into buying ads to reach more people), so it’s getting harder and harder for marketing campaigns to generate valuable organic results.

Here are 2 marketing campaigns that can still help your brand reach a lot of people on Facebook without compromising your budget.

Interactive Campaigns

Requests for Likes and Shares are becoming increasingly irrelevant, to the point that a “like” adds almost nothing to your brand value. Likes and Shares may increase your brand exposure, but not necessarily your connection with customers. Call for interaction is a simple strategy that often results in more solid connections.

How about asking your customers to interact with your brand by sharing ideas, photos, links or videos?

Liking something on Facebook is extremely easy. But taking your time to post a photo, or share a link shows that you really want to participate. These interactive campaigns may get less clicks than a request for likes, but they generate far more valuable connections.

Behind the Scenes Content

There is one thing that fans of different brands have in common: they all love behind the scenes stuff. While your website may stick to corporate information and news, you can take advantage of Facebook to post some exclusive content.

For instance, Schecter Guitars often posts photos of their guitars in the production line or being prepared for gigs. While most of their posts get 100 – 300 likes, this one got 1,270.

Schecter Guitars Facebook Example

Some brands post videos of behind the scenes of trade shows, or offer glimpses of upcoming products. If it sparks curiosity, it will work. People fell a deeper connection to a brand when seeing something that no one is supposed to see.


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