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Making of: yoyo packaging design

Ball bearing yoyos are very different than traditional yoyos. Designing a packaging for this product was very interesting and fun. Follow our work to learn some things about packaging design.

The priorities of this packaging were size (the yoyo is sold online, so the box should be small), visibility and protection (the product is also available at retailers, so the packaging needs a window and a reinforced lock to protect against theft).

We chose a very simple box as the basic structure, to follow the brand identity. Next, we defined the size of the box and the position of the window. We then defined the lock used in the bottom of the packaging. We used a special lock created by Smuzi, based on the famous Snap Lock. Our version is very strong and has a big differential: it’s super easy to assemble.

Smuzi Design de Embalagem 01

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Our next task was to design the lid. We used a reinforced lock to prevent people from stealing the product at retailers. And as a sustainable measure, we removed the hook from the original project. Only yoyos that are sold at retailers get an additional hook, when they need to be hanged on displays. A considerable amount of paper was saved with this simple detail.

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After testing dozens of prototypes, the final model received an incredible graphic design treatment. The packaging is very clean, with beautiful graphics. Designer Mario Troise, who created this model, left his signature: he always hides messages and illustrations in his packagings. This yoyo packaging is practical, simple and completely authentic.

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