Build Your Own Paper Skate Park

Build your own Paper Skate Park

To finish our series of paper packaging tutorials, we designed a complete mini skate park. And to celebrate another fantastic year, we are sharing it with all of you!

Download, print and build your own Paper Skate Park. While you cut, fold and assemble everything you are going to learn a thing or two about paper engineering.

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Types Of Paper Packaging

Types of paper packaging

Paperboard is one of the most used materials in packaging. It is light, cheap, easy to manipulate with a broad range of finishings. These are the most common types of paper packaging.

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Making Of: Yoyo Packaging Design

Making of: yoyo packaging design

Ball bearing yoyos are very different than traditional yoyos. Designing a packaging for this product was very interesting and fun. Follow our work to learn some things about packaging design.

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