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Why brands matter

Understand the concept of brands and why they are so important for marketing.

Everything can be branded

Brands are usually associated with products or companies. For marketing, brand is a broad term that applies to products, people, services, companies or concepts. To make things simple, let’s consider all these elements as “products”.

As an example, we have the band U2 as a brand. However, Bono is also a brand. He developed a strong personality throughout the years and became a very strong brand by himself. Even abstract concepts like breast cancer awareness or recycling can become brands.

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Picture: Bono Vox portrait created in Adobe Illustrator by Igor Sunjic, exclusively for Vectorportal

Branding is all about communication

The brand is basically a tag for the consumer: in essence, it is just a way to identify the origin of the product. However, the true value of the brand comes from the huge amount of information it transmits.

The brand is the fundamental link of communication between the product and the consumer. No matter how simple it is, it transmits the entire ideology of the product. Sometimes just by looking at a label we already know if the item is expensive, good or crap.

Smuzi Branding Logos

Brand is personality

Brand is not just a visual identity created when the product is released or the company is founded. Because it is such a rich element, a brand has personality. Brands evolve and gradually grow. Star Wars was an innovative film in the 70’s, became a classic in the 90’s, and then focused on a younger audience.

Creating a personality for a brand is different than humanizing the brand. We are talking about characterizing brands and making it easy for us to keep a relationship with them. Brands can be young, authentic, dynamic, or classic and traditional. They can be friendly or serious. These are adjectives we use to describe people – and that’s exactly why they help us understand brands.


Mário is our creative director.