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Brand recognition and recall

A brand’s value is directly connected to its presence in the memory of consumers. There are 2 ways to analyze that memory, with recognition and recall.

Brand recognition

You are watching a movie, and one of the characters is talking on the phone. It is a very short scene, just a few seconds – but that is enough for you to discover the brand of the phone. That is brand recognition.

That same process happens when you are in a supermarket. Your brain analyzes hundreds of products at the same time and helps you locate your favorite brand.

Brand recognition is how we we access information in our memory to identify a brand. It could also be negative: you recognize a terrible ice cream brand just by looking at the logo.


When is brand recognition important?

When the consumer knows what she is going to buy, and she is already at the shopping environment, the decision process is very influenced by recognition. The brand that was featured yesterday on TV needs to stick in the consumer memory to be recognized today, among thousands of other brands.

Elements that help brand recognition:

  • Identity: brands with clear visual identity are easier to be recognized
  • Packaging: packaging is fundamental for brand recognition
  • Advertising: ads that connect with consumers and create positive reactions increase the probability of recognition

Brand recall

This is a totally different element, because it does not come from an external stimulus. Consider you are very hungry, but still in your office. Some brands come to mind: restaurants, snacks, etc. That is brand recall.

We recall brands when we think about some category and these brands come to mind. That process is directly connected to our memory, instead of coming from the environment or products around us. A strong brand will obviously be easier to be recalled from consumers.


How to improve brand recall?

Make a consumer remember your brand is much more complicated than helping him recognize it in a store. When the decision process start outside the shopping environment, brand recall is super important.

To improve brand recall you need good, positive and strong brand associations. We are going to discuss how to create these associations in upcoming articles.


Mário is our creative director.