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The Elements of a Brand

Some people think a brand is just a name and a logo. That’s like trying to figure out someone with a name and a picture.

These 2 are the most visible and important aspects of a brand. However, a brand is composed of several elements:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Symbols
  • Characters
  • Slogan or description
  • Typography
  • Color palettes
  • Packaging
  • Graphic elements
  • Sensorial elements: scents, tastes, etc

These elements are combined to create a Brand Identity. That is why creating a brand is much more than designing a logo. Companies that specialize in branding, like Smuzi, perform a thorough research and design work to create or re-design a brand.Smuzi-Elementos-da-Marca

Defining brand elements

Consumers should connect with brands through positive and unique associations. In order to achieve this goal, brand elements should be:

  • Memorable: Don’t create a brand description with 50 words or a color palette with 30 different shades. No one will remember everything. Brand elements should attract attention and be easy to remember.
  • Rich: Is your logo a gray square? Great, but what is the meaning of that? No matter how simple the element is, it should have a reason to exist. Elements need to be meaningful for consumers.
  • Appealing: Discover what your audience likes and create enjoyable elements.
  • Adaptable: Brand elements should be easy to adapt, change and update.
  • Original: Authenticity is fundamental. Good elements are unique, different and original.

As an example, here are some brand elements of a brazilian café. We extracted them from the Brand Book we created for this company.

The logo is very complex, with shades and textures. However, it is completely adaptable: we designed versions with different shapes and colors for different mediums. And we also created an icon – a very simple and memorable symbol that represents the brand. As for the meaning, this logo was based on the concepts of comfort and intimacy that the company provides.



Mário is our creative director.

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