4 Steps To Rebrand Your Business

4 Steps to Rebrand your Business

Updating a brand is a very delicate process. Even a small change can cause a large impact on your market. Is it time to refresh your brand identity? Follow these 4 steps to make it happen.

Understand how the Brand is Positioned

Don’t start with something like “our logo is old, we need something cooler”. Is it just the logo that is old? And why make a modern logo – maybe you could explore the classic side of your brand?

Before you begin changing logos, colors or other brand elements, understand how the brand is positioned. What is wrong about this brand?

This is the moment to face the truth and accept criticism. Study the history of the brand and take some time to examine what went wrong in the previous years. This information will be the very useful for the creation of a new strategy.

4 Steps to Rebrand your Business 1

Decide Which Path to Follow

Now that you have a global vision of the brand, study your options. Create a scenario for each identity you can explore.

Using the previous example, the first option would be a cleaner and much more modern brand. The other option could be a classic brand – taking advantage of years of experience.

This decision may look simple, but it will affect absolutely everything. You can’t say your brand is cool when your business is archaic and bureaucratic. Changing the brand identity means the company will have to embrace the the new personality and fulfill its promises. The brand identity is completely connected to the company’s ideology.

Decide which path to follow and create a marketing plan.

4 Steps to Rebrand your Business 2

Commit and Communicate the New Identity

You have studied the company, sketched a few scenarios and decided on a path. To finish this process you have to commit with the new brand identity. Start inside the company: update the structure, improve the way people work, change relationship and communication rules. Don’t force people: show the new face of your business and the rest will follow.

Execute marketing campaigns to transmit this new identity to the market (clients, suppliers, followers, etc). In this stage commitment and communication are super important: show what has changed and commit to the new persona.

4 Steps to Rebrand your Business 3

Listen to the Market and Adapt

Haters gonna hate. Criticism will always be there and after launching a refreshed brand you have to keep an eye on the market. Sometimes changes have a negative impact on your consumers and if that happens you will need to react fast.

Rebranding is more difficult than releasing a new brand because people already know of what the brand represents.  When rebranding your business listen to the market and control your strategies.


Mário is our creative director.